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Hello, my friends! I love Moscow, in which I was fortunate to be born. This love following me through my childhood, then through years when I studied at the Academy of Tourism and Hospitality, and now. It's so great that our love is mutual. I want to share this love with you. In my project "Stories without history" I invite you to walk around our beauty Moscow. I will be your private guide in Moscow. Our walk promises to be easy and entertaining. You do not need to go through the history course during two hours, memorize a lot of dates and names, be one of ten, or even more tourists. The most interesting for you only. Because we are on a walk, is not it? 😊 So I'm waiting for you on individual excursions to the most beautiful places in Moscow.
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  Moscow is full of interesting and mysterious places that every tourist visiting the capital should explore. Together with a…

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