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Waterfalls on the Tosna and Sablinka Rivers

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Welcome to the Nature! South of St Petersburg, the Tosna and Sablinka rivers cut through the hard rocks of the lime Ordovician plateau, forming picturesque canyons, rapids and waterfalls.


• Tosno and Sablino waterfalls;
• Outcrops of ancient rocks with the remains of old galleries;
• Place camp Alexander Yaroslavich;
• The remains of the estate of the writer A. Tolstoy;
• Forest areas with rare plant species.

Price: 800 RUB per a person

Duration: 5 hours

Type of excursion: walking

The tour is conducted only in Russian


The height of Tosnensky falls reaches 2,5 m, width 50 m. It is the widest waterfall in the Leningrad region. Downstream the Tosna river formed a deep valley in the canyon, with sheer steep shores up to 25 m. It is believed that the canyon began to form approximately 10000-11000 years ago, after the melting of the glacier. Traces of the previous arrangement Tosno waterfall preserved in the form of erosion of boilers, formed three groups of rapids and whirlpools in the river. Various fossils of ancient animals, druses and pyrite brushes are found in rock outcrops of the Ordovician and Cambrian periods. In the valley of the Tosna river on the right shore over the cliff remains of the estate (19th century) writer count A. Tolstoy in der. Pustynka, who was often visited here by the Russian poet and philosopher V. Solovyov.

The bridge of Ulyanovka in Nikolskoe on the right and the left shore of the Tosna river are caves and tunnels where they mined silica sands and sandstone for glass production. On the high right shore of the Tosna, near the mouth of the Sablinka river, was the site of the Novgorod Prince Alexander Yaroslavich before the battle of the Neva with the Swedes. Sablinka river before confluence with the Tosna also forms a deep canyon, its height sometimes reaches 30 m. On the high right shore Sablinka remains of the Alexander Park, where in the 19th century, was located the estate of the Ducal family Keyserlingi. In the outcrops of rocks in The Sablinka river valley there are small quarries «Fox holes».

The height of The sablinsky waterfall is 3.5 m, width is 10 m. the Slopes of the river valleys are covered with forests with dense undergrowth. Rare protected plant species are found in floodplain meadows and terraces.

The valleys of the Tosna and Sablinka rivers belong to the specially protected areas of the Leningrad region and are a natural Monument.

Take along: comfortable clothes, shoes with the rough soles, headdress, raincoat.

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