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Walking tour of Yaroslavl

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You will see the Yaroslavl architects of the 17th century, which became Yaroslavl «the Golden age» — the Church of the Nativity and the Church of Elijah the Prophet, walls and monuments, the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral, assumption Cathedral, Church of St Nicholas Chopped City, Church of the Savior on the City, the Church of Michael the Archangel the Sretensky temple, chapel of Alexander Nevsky and others.

Price: 700 RUB per a person

Duration: 2 hours

Type of excursion: walking

The tour is conducted only in Russian


The tour includes the walk along the embankment of the rivers Kotorosl and the Volga, a view of the Arrow, the Soviet inspection (Elias) area, Red (Semyonov) Square F. Volkov (Theatrical), Bogoyavlenskaya square, where are located the most famous monuments — the First Russian theatre, and the Arsenal of Znamenskaya tower, Kazan and Kirillov-Athanasian monasteries and mansions of the Yaroslavl merchants, administrative buildings of the 18-19th centuries.

The story of the talented people of the Yaroslavl land: N. Nekrasov, V. Tereshkova, L. Sobinov, I. Rogozin, S. Mamontov and the Yaroslavl merchant class, and also the first of the famous Yaroslavl businessmen — Eliseev, Kuznetsov, Zatrapeznov and many others.

Yaroslavl legends about the Duke of Biron, on the wonders and secrets of healing, of the red Commissioner and historical events about the stay of Russian emperors in the Yaroslavl region, about the brightest event in the history of Yaroslavl — Trobled times, when Yaroslavl became the capital of the Russian state. Also interesting story about what it means in Orthodoxy, the color and the number of churches and domes of casting bells in the Yaroslavl land on bell factory trade-industrial Association «P. Olovyanishnikov and sons» and Shuvalov brothers workshop, working on the old technology-circular patterns.

Visit the Sretensky temple (particles of Christ's robe, ancient icons, the Holy stone from Jerusalem) and the assumption Church (relics of the Holy princes of Yaroslavl Vasily and Konstantin Vsevolodovich). Optional — visit to the Metropolitan Palace, where the choir sings «Vivat» of ancient songs and romances, of the Museum «Music and time», where you can hear live audio of phonographs, gramophones, musical boxes, barrel organs, mechanical piano, a chiming clock, chimes and bells.

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