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Walking tour of St Petersburg

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I invite you to walk around St Petersburg! I would like to acquaint you with its architecture, to present you to his house and tell them a funny or tragic story. After all, even living in the city, we often do not notice it...I want you to be interested in a new look at St Petersburg.


  • The Admiralty and The Bronze Horseman;
  • Kazan and St. Isaac's Cathedrals;
  • The main attractions located on Nevsky Prospekt and the Central streets of the city.

Price: 500 RUB per a person

Duration: 3-4 hours

Type of excursion: walking

The tour is conducted only in Russian


This tour is good for you, if you want to get acquainted with the main attractions of St Petersburg. You need to withstand 3-4 hours of walking.

We will see: 

The Admiralty: I will tell the story of the fortress-shipyard and glacis, turned into a place of rest and festivities. I'll introduce you to the bronze camel;

• The Bronze Horseman: we will remember the history of transportation of Thunderstone;

• St Isaac's Cathedral: we will discuss the history of the change of the four cathedrals, the remarkable technological solutions in the construction process, and see Montferrand holding the layout of the Cathedral;

The Green Bridge: let's talk about the colored bridges Moika, look at the buildings around the bridge — their history is also remarkable;

• Peterkirche: let's mention the churches of Christian denominations located on the Nevsky and the main religions in St Petersburg;

• Kazan Cathedral: we will talk about the history of Kazan Cathedral, also we will remember Voronikhin park and Kazan bridge;

House of Books (Zinger House): we will dive into the era of modernity and new methods of trade;

Gostiny Dvor: we will pay attention to the functional features of architecture — then it will be interesting, walking through the cities, to guess why each house was built;

Small Sadovaya street: we will remember the story of a family of merchants Eliseev, and also communicate with cats Elisey and Vasilisa;

Manezhnaya Square: let's face the Italian architects of St Petersburg, remember Nadia Rusheva and the history of elephants in our city;

Mikhailovsky Сastle: let's see how Peter I really looked and immerse ourselves in the octagonal space of the courtyard with the monument of a very ambiguous ruler of Russia;

Chizhik-Pyzhik: let's remember Yuri Nikulin and find out why the hero of the children's song was called so;

Mars field: let's go through the names of this place in memory at different times and imagine how it looked;

Suvorov square, where intertwined names of Paul I, Alexander Suvorov, and C. Rossi;

Palace embankment: let me remind you of several palaces (Marble, Novo-Mikhailovsky, Vladimir), at the same time look at the other side of the Neva – there is a lot to see;

We will get to Atlantis, take a look at Palace square and see the Winter Palace, the Alexander column, the Arch of the General staff and the Admiralty again.

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