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Welcome to the Vyborg! This is a real fairy-tale city near the border of Russia and Finland, where many buildings are harmoniously combined with the surrounding landscapes and built right on the ancient rocks.


  • The Old Town, Vyborg castle and the Clock tower;
  • Landscapes of the Park Monrepo;
  • Ludwigstein Island and the Hermit's shack.

Price: 1200 RUB per a person

Duration: 6 hours

Type of excursion: walking

The tour is conducted only in Russian


We are waiting for a walk through the narrow and crooked streets of the Old City. We will get acquainted with the architectural monuments of the Swedish, Finnish and Soviet periods. We will see the remains of fortifications, some of which survived the attacks, but were subsequently dismantled, and others were built but never used.

Along the way we will meet a variety of remarkable objects of street and garden sculpture, from the tram to the elk. Ships-Drakkar will remind of the ancient Vikings. The famous Vyborg castle, Clock tower, T. Knutsson, the Lady of the heart sent us to the era of the Swedish knights, and the old medieval merchant's house testify to the ancient trade connections between Vyborg and European cities. By the way, Vyborg is the oldest residential building in Russia!

We also have to walk through the rocky landscape Park Monrepo, located on the outskirts of Vyborg. The outcrops of ancient rocks combined with coniferous forests and surrounding water spaces form a unique atmosphere for privacy and romance. Landscapes of the Park are conducive to thoughtful contemplation, meditation and tranquility. Paths among meadows and forest paths of the Park lead to the picturesque rocky shore. At the moment, restoration work is underway on part of the territory, but several unique objects of Park architecture are already available for visiting.

On a high rocky ledge near the water put White House. There are views of Ludwigstein Island, where is the family mausoleum Baron von Nicolay with the Gothic chapel of Ludwigsburg. On the way to the «Edge of light» near the pond supplied hermit's Shack, next to the cliffs there is a Grotto of desires, and the statue of Väinämöinen playing the kantele, complements a single unit of ancient traditions of the Ancient world and mythology of the Karelian-Finnish epos «Kalevala».

What's included:

  • Walk through the Old town;
  • Sightseeing in Vyborg;
  • Visit the Park Monrepo and walk through the places of the Park.

Not included:

  • Entrance ticket to the Monrepo park (100 RUB).
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