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Visiting the Vasily the Bombardier. The stories and legends of the Vasilyevsky Island

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A walking tour of approximately 4 hours starting from the Vasileostrovskaya metro station (or any other agreed place if necessary).

The Vasiyeovsky island is the place where the city has begun upon Peter the Great. He decided to plan and build up this area according to his Dutch memories, using the idea of channels (grachten) of Amsterdam and Zaandam. The famous and his favorite architect Domenico Tresini has designed many of the buildings here,
and several awesome museums are here including the Palace of Alexander Menshikov, the first governor of Saint Petersburg and the best friend of Peter, and the Kunstkamera. The State University is also here, with its magnificent buildings designed in baroque style. The Neva embankments keep their mysteries, some more
places are related to secret sciences… so the walk through this area will be very interesting and satisfying!
The Lieutenant Shmidt embankment: the Marine Corps and the ship, the Kiev-Pechery convent, the “Krasin” Icebreker, the shipyard and its stories, the first Russian, the “House of Academics”. The Bolshoy prospekt, the St. Andrew’s Cathedral, the Pely’s farmacy and alchemy. The University embankment: the Tresini’s house and monument, the Roerich’s house, the Academy of Arts and the Sphinx, the philosophers’ ship memorial, the University complex, the scientific
museums and the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island.
Price: 3500 RUB
In case of preliminary agreement it is possible to attend museums such as the Palace of Menshikov, Kunstkamera etc. The entry tickets price will be added to the total price of the tour, as well as the additional tour time
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