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VDNK and the Space Museum

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VDNH is a unique Museum space, which is the second largest exhibition complex in the city and is one of the 50 largest exhibition complexes in the world. The territory of VDNH is rich in architectural monuments that have appeared for several decades and reflect the main milestones in the development of the achievements of the national economy of the country. On the territory of VDNH there is also a Museum of cosmonautics, which will be interesting not only for adults but also for the youngest visitors.


• Squares and fountains of Museum;

• Exhibits with information about space.

Price: 7000 RUB per group

Duration: 4 hours

Type of excursion: walking

Available in English, Russian


This is a unique opportunity to plunge into the history of the USSR, which both captures and horrifies. During this excursion you will see the most significant buldings of the Soviet period. Tour highlights: VDNKH – known as All Russia exhibition center founded in the middle of 1930’s as the main exhibiting complex of agriculture and farming of entire Soviet Union. It  is a unique architectural complex as the best architects were working on the project. The advanced constructing technologies of that time had been used there: richly decorated facades of the pavilions with paintings, mosaics and monuments. Nowadays VDNKH is one of the most beautiful places of the city with the biggest amusement park in the country, gold covered fountain of “Friendship of Nations” and the first in the world light and music fountain “Stony Flower”. A little further there is another monument which can be called the emblem of Soviet period – the monument “Worker and Collective Farmer”. To continue exploring the achievements of the Soviet epoch you will proceed to the Cosmonauts Alley where the guide will tell you about the  contribution to the development of the space industry made by the Soviet scientists The Space museum will remind you about USSR space achievements.

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