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 Unknown history — unknown St. Petersburg

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You are invited to try an absolutely new way of getting acquainted with St. Petersburg, “Unknown history — unknown St. Petersburg”.
It is a bus tour to the places in the city that are associated with real secrets in history as follows:
An odd thing about the murder of Rasputin.
Who headed the Cheka after the murder of Uritsky: a spy story with a tragic end.
Why mass production of the German Tiger tank began with a one and a half years delay (and this has greatly contributed to the outcome of the war) and how its creator died.
The myth of the Bloody Sunday.
The myth of the attack on the Winter Palace.
Who stopped Yudenich at the approaches to Petrograd.
Who shot Lenin.
Who killed Kirov.
How the commander of the Baltic Fleet nearly surrendered the city to the Germans.
Why Stalingrad has burned down and Leningrad has not.
How the Leningrad Affair (or the Doctors’ Case) was fabricated.
And much more. All the information comes from official sources and has nothing to do with skewed impressions.
We have unique information. Our guide is a documentary filmmaker who has made more than seventy films.
As a bonus, our photographer will take photos throughout the tour and everyone willing will get their photos totally for free.
Duration: 3 hours.
Price: RUB 1,000
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