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Tour to the Curonian Spit 

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It is next to impossible to understand the Kaliningrad Region in one or two days. But there are sites that help pull back the curtain on and overcome the total lack of understanding of our region.
The Curonian Spit is one of such sites. It is the smallest national park in Russia. Understandably, the status was given to it for a reason.
It is interesting in absolutely everything it has to offer, including its flora, fauna, the history of origin, the history of its development and death… And now, it is like a Phoenix reborn from the ashes.
It is no accident that there are seven (!) tourist routes on this NARROW STRIP OF SAND, with each one featuring absolutely different ecosystems. It is the place where many extremes have been brought together by nature: swamps and dunes, a bay and a lake, heat and frost, shower rains and sun, constant wind and high humidity. Ugh!... Well, it’s a spine-chilling place… on the face of it….
So, in order to turn it into one of the best places you ever visited, we should avoid following the prescribed routes, and turn where others don’t. We should climb a hill that everybody else are too lazy to climb or open a door that has not been opened for too long. Indeed, THIS is much more interesting! And this is what we are going to do.
Well-equipped routes on the spit are designed for the average person who is able to go through them. But they will not give you a full understanding. Therefore, we will follow other, more interesting routes. Yes, they are longer and more challenging. BUT I believe you want to find out WHAT the Curonian Spit is, don’t you?…
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