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The town of Kronstadt and the island of
Kotlin: Yesterday, today and tomorrow 

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Kronstadt is compact, straightforward, clean and tranquil like an old sailor. It is not flashy in colors, nor does it please you with the sun. It features all the shades of grey, because its pea jacket is made of granite.
I know this land and I am madly in love with it. And I would like to plunge you into the world of the island, the town and the fortress — both real and long gone. You are going to visit different parts of the island, so we will travel by car at all times.
We will see a unique nature reserve with relict vegetation communities in coastal reed beds, black alder swamplands, and coastal meadows; frigate forts Alexander, Peter, Pavel and Kronshlot; the southern numbered forts that cannot be seen from the town; the beacons and signs guiding ships through the challenging channel; the flood barrier and the fortress walls with military barracks; the Yakornaya (Anchor) Square; the Petrovsky Park; the Summer Garden; a portion of the dock facilities; and the Naval Cathedral of St. Nicholas. All these unique sites are the must-sees of our route.
In the middle of our journey, we will have a hosting party-sponsored tea break in a special messing compartment during which you will learn how sailors have been fed for centuries, how they have been dressed, how the Russian armored fleet developed, and where the boatswain’s pipe has got to.
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