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This walk is impregnated with a seductive smell of tea with jam and is shrouded in a sweet cloud of bygone times, when tea drinking in Moscow was not just a meal, but a ritual. And the ritual is unique and exclusively Moscow. So, as drinking tea in Moscow, nowhere else tea not drinking. During the walk you will learn all the wisdom of the capital's tea and compete for the title of the main tea of the city.

Price: 4800 RUB

Duration: 3 hours

Type of excursion: walking

The tour is conducted only in Russian


We will walk along the old Moscow streets and boulevards, where everything breathes history, in the company of famous entrepreneurs and patrons of art, writers and musicians. Let's take a few tea breaks and understand the philosophy of the local tea culture.

First, we will visit the monastery, founded in the XIV century, and bow to its miraculous shrines. And in the monastery refectory you will try the forgotten native Russian tea, which our ancestors drank, and also learn an unusual recipe for tea soup from the Royal chefs.

After we get acquainted with the tea kings of the city, admire their luxurious homes and go to one of them for tea. We will find out how the Chinese grass appeared in Moscow, we will learn secrets of tea business, we will learn to choose correctly tea and to distinguish fake from the present.

Then in a grandiose mansion with exquisite interiors and we'll have tea in Russian traditional Moscow treats. We will "drive tea" section but with a pang, po-kupecheski and La aristocracy. Behind the samovar, I'll tell you how Moscow became a trendsetter of tea fashion and what were the first Metropolitan tea.

And in the end you will visit the tea club, where you will join the modern tea culture, take part in the tea ceremony according to the ancient Eastern canons and learn who are tea drinkers.It will be hot and extraordinary!

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