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St Petersburg sightseeing tour

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St Petersburg




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Discover the grandiose and glittering Saint-Petersburg with its surroundings in style, from the window of а comfortable business class auto! We will have a ride around the city’s most famous attractions and make stops at most picture worthy places to memorize this breathtaking architectual chedevre. Then we can visit a museum of your choice.


2 hrs - 7300 RUB (minimum amount of hours);

3 hrs - 14600 RUB;

4 hrs- 18250 RUB.

Duration: 3-4 hours

Type of excursion: auto-walking

Excursion is available on English and Russian


During the tour we are going to see:

  1. Nevsky avenue. You will see the main city artery (its 1st built palaces) and hear the story of how Petersburg was founded.
  2. Kazan Cathedral built jn 1801-1811 by architect Voronihin in Empire style, commemorates victory over Napoleon in the War of 1812.
  3. Anichkov Bridge, the most remarkable 3-span bridge in Petersburg is adorned with 4 sculptured groups, each potraying a youth holding a horsе.
  4. Monument to Peter the Great (Bronze Horseman) is an equestrian statue, сommissioned by Catherine the Great, created by the French sculptor Falconet.
  5. Menshikov Palace, 1st palace in Petersburg that is built from stone and preserved it's original state for almost 300 years, was founded in 1710 as a residence of Governor General Alexander Menshikov.
  6. Kunstcamera. One of the richest ethnographical museums in the world. The museum's unique collections are admired both in this country and abroad.
  7. Field of Mars. The place where enormous parades and army trainings were held. Called Sahara for it's for being big and dusty.
  8. Palace square: world renowned Hermitage (one of the biggest collection of paintings and objects of decorative fine art) and Alexander Column.
  9. St. Isaac square and Cathedral, one of the largest domed buildings in the world which is a unique phenomenon of a perfect harmony of painting and sculpture!
  10. Academy of Arts and it's guarding sphynxs from the times of Amenhotep ||| brought to Russia from Egypt.
  11. Spit of Vasilievskiy island. Here you will see the Stockexchange and famous Rostral columns that make a perfect ensemble and are a most recognized symbol of our city.
  12. Peter and Paul Fortress is where it all began, literally a cornestone in the foundation of the city.
  13. Cabin of Peter the Great (1st building ever built in Petersburg).
  14. Michailovskiy Castle, imperor's Paul | tribute to medieval knights.
  15. Savoir-on-Spilt-Blood. A monument to the tzar liberator Alexander || killed by terrorists.


  • During the period of White Nights (22 May-22 June) the sightseeing tour can be organized at 19-20 o’clock to explore the city in the splendid warm light;
  • VIP tours for 1-3 persons;
  • In all the tours are included my services as an English speaking tour guide;
  • Business class auto ( Audi A7);
  • Picking up at the hotel;
  • Refreshments on.

Please be advised that tickets to the museums can be purchased in advance once agreed with my guests.

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