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Sightseeing tour of the historical center of Kazan

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Two very different cities developed in parallel as part of a small Kazan. The first was the Eastern city with mosques, wooden houses and bright flowers. The second is a small Europe, with a University, stylish buildings and high domes. Despite the difference of cultures, two completely different people live here, side by side, so long that much has become common and unifying.


• Epiphany bell tower and Brening pharmacy;

• Kazan Emperor University;

• Black Lake Park and Kaban Lake;

• Markusovszky House and the House of Madame Shamil;

• Peter and Paul Cathedral (with a visit);

• Sennoy market and Tatar Settlement;

• The Marjani Mosque (with a visit) and The Nurulla Mosque;

• Yunusov Square and The Kazan Cat.

Price: 1300 RUB per a person, 5500 RUB per a group

Duration: 5 hours

Type of excursion: walking

The tour is conducted only in Russian


This tour takes you through most of the historic city centre. It is about everything a little bit, but more about the places and people who made Kazan what it is now. You will get an answer to such questions as «when and how did Kazan appear?», «who are the modern Tatars?» and «how did the Tatar settlement happen?».

You will also learn about the history of theater, cinema, schools, architecture in Kazan, the difference between the Russian and Tatar parts of the city, the best minds of the city. Before you open features of trade and business, statistics and modernity. Touch the domes of the highest bell tower of the city! Try to get to know the Tatars better sitting on the soft carpet of the oldest mosque in Kazan. Listen to legends and stories about the most beautiful passages, merchant houses and take pictures of all this beauty. You will laugh and cry from love stories!

Kazan was once the capital of the Kazan Khanate, but since 1552 it has developed as a completely different city within the Russian state. It is all mixed up: history, culture, religion and simple human life.

The tour lasts five hours: we walk for two hours and take a break for an hour. Coffee in a cozy coffee shop or a full lunch in a cafe with national cuisine (decide for yourself!). After the break, we walk for another two hours. Thus, we will unite two different cities and feel Kazan in contrast.


• Professional guide;

• Entrance tickets to the observation deck of the Epiphany bell tower;

• Shoe covers in the mosque.

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