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Welcome to the patience. The city is located in the South of the Karelia, where the Sister river flows into the Gulf of Finland. Here was the border between Novgorod and Sweden, between Russia and Finland. Here Peter I founded the arms factory, the creation of which was formed artificial lake Razliv. Among the picturesque landscapes on the coast of the Gulf of Finland appeared the famous Sestroretsky resort with mineral waters and therapeutic mud.

Price: 900 RUB per a person

Duration: 4 hours

Type of excursion: walking

The tour is conducted only in Russian


We will take a short walk around the city, get acquainted with the objects of urban sculpture. Near the Gulf of Finland is the Park «Dubki» — the northernmost oak grove in Russia. Nowadays the Park is the center of cultural and sports life of the city. As a gift to Sestroretsk from the blacksmiths put a monument to the cat scientist. A small but powerful Russian hero guards the entrance to the Clearing of fairytales. In the Park on the Dubkovskoye highway is a monument to the famous Soviet football player and hockey Player V. Bobrov, who lived in Sestroretsk in the pre-war years.

On labor the past of Sestroretsk resemble guns guns near the former Armory, a monument to the famous Russian weapons designer Sergei Mosin, a monument to the lathe and the worker of Sestroretsk tool factory.

On the shore of lake Razliv you can see the «Hidden ship» Efim Nikonov — the first Russian submarine. We will also visit The gausman dam with an artificial waterfall on the spillway Fizzy.

Near the children's library we will meet funny gnomes and hedgehogs. And near the Central library of the city immortalized famous Soviet writer M. Zoshchenko, who lived in Sestroretsk.

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