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Secrets of the Moscow metro with lunch in the underground retro cafe

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The metro has become an integral part of Moscow's life. Like a magical teleport, the Metropolitan subway takes us from point A to point B. and often, habitually descending a few dozen meters underground, we do not realize that we find ourselves in another world, living in its own rhythm and according to its own rules. It's time to learn his secrets. On this tour we will get acquainted with the backstage life of the Moscow metro.

Price: 5500 RUB per a group (from 1 to 7 members)

Duration: 2,5 hours

Type of excursion: walking

The tour is conducted only in Russian


The beauty of technique mind

I suggest you take a trip to the Moscow Metro, looking at it from a professional point of view, to understand its interesting device and invisible at first glance features. I would like you to know better how this underground world works, in which we spend a significant part of our lives. The way it works finely tuned mechanisms, and what designs found their incarnation (many of them world's first).

Moscow metro stations have a long fame of a real underground Museum. The scale and grandiosity of architectural decoration surely boggle the imagination. But does the exhibition end only on the magnificent decor? Upon closer examination, we will find a lot of interesting and sometimes unexpected details. The underground Museum is much more complete than it seems at first glance!

History was made here

The greatest revelation in the study of Moscow for me was the history of the construction of special underground structures. For almost every important military and political Department in the bowels of the capital built shelters and command posts deep, and almost all of them are connected to the lines and stations of the civil subway. How many of these special bunkers is still unknown! On my tour, I will only slightly open the veil of this mystery, telling about several previously secret objects. And all the more it will be surprising to know that the places where the fate of the world was decided, are hidden just a few meters from the usual stations.

What's included:

  • Guide officially accredited by the Moscow metro;
  • The story of stations that in the past looked completely different; the true reason for the appearance of the famous architectural decoration of stations, and why they are all different from each other;
  • Walk through the underground stations of various designs.

Not included:

  • Tickets in the subway.
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