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A great opportunity to visit the iconic places of the Novosibirsk underground and a trip to the" Putty house " for fans of the rock movement.


• The iconic rock sights of Novosibirsk;

• House of Yanka Dyagileva;

• DK im. Chkalov's;

• House-Museum of Novosibirsk punk-rock «Putti-house».

Price: 2500 RUB per a person

Duration: 3 hours

Type of excursion: walking

The tour is conducted only in Russian


The boom of rock music in the 1980s in our country was a powerful cultural explosion. Rock was the banner of a generation and part of the everyday life of those years, a new slogan which written on Soviet artifacts. Siberian rock community was most known in the direction, which the participants dubbed punk rock. It is believed that the Siberian punk rock of the 1980s – beginning of 1990s had far less imitative than St Petersburg and Moscow, and was a cultural phenomenon.

Together with the guide you will walk through the landmark for the history of the Novosibirsk rock community places. We will remember all the favorite bands and songs, remember "how it was" in the days when there was no expensive professional equipment; when posters were painted manually, and get the "appartment" was knowing all passwords and appearance, when the KGB was on duty at major rock concerts and rock stars of all magnitudes were playing in order to play, but not for fees (and not had them then). The house the Yankees Dyagilevo write in a notebook for a Yankees message on memory. And if the walk falls on the weekend, the DC them. Chkalova ("chikalda"), as in the past, it will be possible to buy a CD for cheap! And if you get tired, you can have a snack "in Soviet style"on the steps of the DK. Dzerzhinsky (guide will take care of the menu).

The final point of our route will be a visit to the most interesting house-Museum of Siberian punk rock "Putty house". Getting into this house is not easy. Not everyone will be sent there, and even if invited, it still go find. In that place of worship had once Janka, Yegor Letov, Vadim "Lukich" Kuzmin and other musicians. We will meet and talk about the past legend of Siberian punk rock, the leader of the group "Putti" Alexander Chirkin (who lives there, in fact). If we bring food and coffee, Chirkin will be especially cheerful and talkative.


• Excursion of iconic places Novosibirsk movement (in the right district of Novosibirsk);

• Professional guide;

• Picnic-snack on the steps of DK Dzerzhinskiy.

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