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Popovka river valley

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Welcome to the Nature! Popovka river is a left stream of the Slavyanka, belongs to the Neva basin. South of Pavlovsk, the Popovka river flows in a narrow valley with well-defined river terraces.


• Steep river shore;
• Ancient rocks of Paleozoic age;
• The remains of fossil organisms.

Price: 800 RUB per a person

Duration: 4 hours

Type of excursion: walking

The tour is conducted only in Russian


The villages of Popovo and Paselio on the slope and in the river bed exposed ancient rocks of Paleozoic age. In some places the shores are reminiscent of an almost vertical wall with a height of about 17 meters. In outcrops occur fragments of fossils (trilobites, brachiopods, cephalopods and gastropods, echinoderms, dictionemes).

On the right shore of the river Popovka on the surface of gray clay and fine-grained gray quartz sands of the Cambrian period, yellow sands, black shales dictyonema, dark green glauconite, yellow-gray limestone and dolomite of the Ordovician period, red-colored Sands and sandstones of the Devonian period. The layers are crumpled into asymmetrical dome-shaped folds, which are often disturbed by discharges or blurred from the surface.

On the left shore of the river, near the village of Popovo, there is a glacial outcast. Here the layers are arranged in reverse order. Fragments of rocks of different ages have accumulated in the near-contact breccia. In the bend on the left shore of the Popovka also naked Morena containing ottorzhenets blue Cambrian clay. The steep slopes of the valley and terraces of the Popovka river are covered with small-leaved forests of cherry, willow, alder gray. Valuable plant species are found in the floodplain. The valley of the Popovka river belongs to the Protected areas of the Leningrad region, is a Monument of nature.

Take along: comfortable clothes, shoes with the rough soles, headdress, raincoat.

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