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Orekhovsky Forest Park

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Welcome to the Nature! Lembolovo-Orekhovo district on the Karelian isthmus is one of the most popular tourist destinations since Soviet times.


• Unique landscapes of the Karelian isthmus;
• Picturesque coniferous forests and clean air;
• Hills, valley and beautiful lake;
• Diverse flora and fauna.

Price: 800 RUB per a person

Duration: 6 hours

Type of excursion: walking

The tour is conducted only in Russian


Diverse terrain, bright pine forests on sandy hills, picturesque blue lakes in the valleys, healing air, an abundance of berries and mushrooms in summer and snow in winter from year to year attract tourists. Tours and orienteering competitions are often held here. Around and between the lakes there are many trails for routes of different lengths. Parking spaces are available.

The route passes through the Lembolovsky hills. Dominated by scenic hills and basin topography. The tops and slopes of the hills are occupied by pine or spruce forests. There are areas of pure light pine forests. There are rare species of plants. In the undergrowth and grass cover to meet the satellites broad-leaved forests, the Northern limit of the growth of Hazel. A diverse fauna.

The hollows are occupied by lakes, rivers, and upland and lowland marshes. Lakes can have a very bizarre shape of the coast. The bottom of the lakes is sandy, the water is clean and clear. Roach and perch are found, pike and bream are less common.

Having been among Nature, away from the bustle of the city, a Person finds harmony and tranquility, and positive impressions of the beauty seen remain for a long time.

Take along: comfortable clothes, shoes with rough soles, headdress, raincoat.

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