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 Non-touristy Sevastopol: Legends and traditions of the City of Glory

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Take a fascinating walk around courtyards, staircases and lanes in the historic center.
Informal Sevastopol will reveal to you a lot of unbelievable secrets and amazing stories that are both touching and funny. In this journey, you will learn something about the hero city from an unexpected angle.
Tour duration: 2.5 hours
Price: RUB 3,000
A walk around the central hill in Sevastopol
Thrilling urban legends, myths and traditions
A breathtaking sunset over the Sevastopol Bay
Sevastopol is famous for its heroic past. However, apart from resounding victories and great deeds, it is fraught with loads of fascinating stories.
From our walk you will find out why Sevastopol was called so, how Russia got the most convenient bay on the Black Sea without firing a shot, how a Russian admiral perished from an old curse, and why the Sevastopol land is reminiscent of Swiss cheese. Buildings and streets of Sevastopol will introduce you to the feat of sailor Koshka, reveal the secret of Parisian Sphinxes, and will let you know why there has been thunder in Sevastopol every day for 200 years.
We will take a walk in the central part of the city at a pace comfortable to you. If necessary, we will make stops for rest. The content of the tour will be of interest to people of any age.
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