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Meeting with Ekaterinburg

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I suggest that guests of the city walk along the Red Line to explore Yekaterinburg. The length of the ring route is 6.5 km, and walking along it, you can return to the starting point in about 2.5-3 hours.


• Actor house;

• Temple on Blood;

• Museum of Ekaterinburg history.

Price: 3500 RUB per a group (under 6 members)

2500 RUB (2 members in a group)

Duration: 2,5-3 hours

Type of excursion: walking

The tour is conducted only in Russian


You will get acquainted with 35 sights of the Central part of Yekaterinburg. Here are the buildings that have become symbols of Yekaterinburg. You will see the oldest building of the city and its "zero point", the first gymnasium and the first theater, the main shopping street of old Yekaterinburg and its Central square. Along the way you will find monuments to the founders of the city and the inventor of the radio, the legendary merchant mansions and the most interesting museums, popular objects of street art and monuments of architecture of the Soviet constructivism, a quiet old quarter and promenade, which offers great views.

Attractions on the route:
1. Square of 1905;
2. Actor house;
3. Gymnasium № 9 (building of the Ekaterinburg gymnasium);
4. Working Youth Embankment;
5. Historical Park;
6. Water tower;
7. Monument to the founders of the city;
8. Chapel in the name of St Catherine;
9. Memorial sign «Zero kilometer»;
10. Monument to A. Popov;
11. Museum of the history of jewelry and stone-cutting art (building of the pharmacy of the mining Department);
12. House of N. Sevastianov;
13. Merchant Tarasov manor (residence Of the Governor of Sverdlovsk region);
14. The literary Quarter;
15. Temple on Blood;
16. Museum of Ekaterinburg history;
17. The building of the Ural state University. A. Gorkiy;
18.Opera and Ballet Theatre;
19. Monument to Vladimir Vysotsky and Marina Vladi;

20. The Beatles Monument etc.

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