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Lost Moscow

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There are many places in Moscow that have become familiar, and it is quite difficult to imagine that before there was something else. Over the years, the capital has changed beyond recognition, the original face of the city blurred and the spirit of antiquity almost disappeared from the streets of Moscow. But in the old Moscow, white stone and gold-domed and hospitable, really want to get. You too? Then come for a walk, we will look together for traces of antiquity deep and remember the affairs of bygone days.

Price: 6800 RUB

Duration: 4 hours

Type of excursion: walking

The tour is conducted only in Russian


Lost Moscow
We will pass from White city through the Kitaygorod wall to Zaryadye and in the fog of time try to see the revived paintings of the former Moscow.

The fortress, which became a ring, a Ghost monastery and a monument-traveler. It's possible! I will provide you with irrefutable proof of their existence.

Have you ever seen a house that can walk? Not yet? But they do exist. However, hiding from prying eyes in the alleys and doorways, where we will certainly look.

Passing through the fortress wall, we get to the ancient city with wooden huts, monasteries and towers. I'll tell you why they disappeared, and in confidence show you where their remains can still be found.

We will visit the square that arose from the fire and "reached" to the main skating rink of the country. You will see how over the years changed her style from provincial trade to the capital-the front and find out what sacrifices she made in the struggle for beauty.

Once in Zaryadye, we'll talk about how the back yard of the Kremlin, who managed to visit the hotel-record holder, turned into a trendy Park with a bridge to nowhere, and see what happened.

Evolution of russian cuisine
Moscow changed not only externally. Almost 900-year history has changed the way of life of citizens, and their tastes, and with them — and the culture of catering.

We will compare the modesty of the monastery meal with the abundance of exquisite dishes of the first Metropolitan restaurant. We will visit the world of delicacies of the legendary Eliseevsky shop and exemplary Deli N1. We will find out where the nobles had lunch and dinner, and where — people with modest incomes, who contained pre-revolutionary institutions and what dishes were on their menu.

At the same time we will dispel the Russian culinary myths about sturgeon and caviar, argue about the tastes of traditional and modern cuisine, remember the original Moscow rolls and Filippov buns, study the features of national dishes and current gastronomic trends. And after working up an appetite, we will arrange a feast in luxurious interiors overlooking the Kremlin and enjoy the new sound of old Russian dishes.

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