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The Moscow metro has countless legends, one of which we will explore today... Every citizen has heard that the walls of the Moscow metro are decorated with elements of the stone heritage of the greatest Moscow temple — the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. The history of this extraordinary place is fraught with many mysteries, which were continued in the city rumor and were inherited by the Moscow metro. This became possible due to the existence of a large number of historical uncertainties in the basis of many versions, rumors and legends. As true researchers, we will go on a real expedition to the stations of the Moscow metro and try to get closer to solving all these mysteries that excite the minds of local people.

Price for Russian tourists: 6000 RUB per group (10 members)

Duration: 2 hours

Type of excursion: walking

The tour is conducted only in Russian


During our trip we will meet with the main milestones of the fate of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. We also find out, what types of stone were used in the decoration of this temple, learn what happened in the process of destruction of this magnificent structure and try to guess where there could be removed parts of the walls of the temple. We will hear urban legends about the stone heritage of the temple in the interiors of the Moscow metro stations and find out what specific stations it can be, according to the authoritative opinion of historians and architects. On the tour, we will see, what stations had the first starting segment of the Moscow metro, when and how it was launched and what features it had.

Kropotkinskaya metro station will reveal to us the mysteries of its architecture and unusual purpose. We will find out, what relation this station is connected with the Egyptian pharaohs and the tallest building in the world, which could not be built. Finally, we will discover the mystery of what buildings in Moscow exactly hide in its external and internal design of the marble elements of the great temple.


The tour is conducted using a radioguide.

We recommend you have your own headphones for your comfort.

Be careful! During the tour we provide a single entrance to the Moscow metro, so we ask you to be prepared to pay for travel without delay and carry a ticket. The fare is not included in the tour price.

We draw your attention that the tour is carried out only in public areas of the Moscow metro without extending to the premises of technical purpose.

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