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Lava river canyon

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Welcome to the Nature! The Lava river begins in the peat bogs of Nazia and flows into lake Ladoga. In the middle reaches, in the area from the Vasilkovo village to the Podolia village, the river cuts through the hard rocks of the limestone Putilov plateau, forming a narrow deep canyon. The fall of the river is 7.5 m per 1 km, and the depth of the canyon cut reaches 35 m.

Вы увидите:

• Steep river shores;
• Outcrops of ancient rocks with fossils;
• Beautiful waterfall on the Creek in the river valley;
• Abandoned limestone quarries;
• Planting of Siberian Larch.

Price: 1000 RUB per a person

Duration: 8 hours

Type of excursion: walking


The Lava river on this site has a typical mountain appearance. At the bottom of the canyon limestone slabs formed numerous stone rapids.

In the steep shores of the Lava, ancient deposits of the Cambrian and Ordovician periods come to the surface. On the surface of limestone under the influence of weathering processes appeared many cells, niches and cornices. In the thickness of the rocks there are many fossilized remains of trilobites and other invertebrates that lived here at the bottom of the ancient sea about 500 million years ago.

On the right shore of the river there is a small beautiful waterfall on the Creek flowing into the Lava. In the 17th century, it was at the Lava river was the border of Russia and Sweden. On the high right shore of the river near the Gorodishche village remained overgrown earthen wall from were there Levickogo prison.

The village skirts the Lava river again becomes calm nature and becomes a typical lowland river with sloping banks. In the peat deposits near the meliorative canal, an ancient man's site and stone tools.

Along the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland and lake Ladoga stretches Baltic-Ladoga ledge (Glint). Steep slopes near cliff plateau near the Putilovo village are former breaking limestone. The width of the quarries is 100-150 m. the bottom of the quarries is quite flat surfaces, separated by small ledges 1-2 m high.

Limestone from Putilov quarries was used as a foundation for the construction of many buildings in the historical part of St Petersburg.

On a high ledge near the Petrovshchina village among the fields and meadows are preserved planting of Siberian Larch, age of trees is 150-200 years. There are about 300 trees in the grove. Larch high (20-22 m), with a well-developed crown, give seeds and fruit.

In the surrounding area there are areas of broad-leaved forests of elm, ash, maple. Rare species of plants are found in forests and meadows, rare species of birds are noted. There are vipers in the canyon and in the quarries. In the rapids of the river of Lava located the spawning grounds of grayling, sirti, lamprey.

The canyon of the river of Lava and Petrovinka larch grove belong to Specially protected areas in Leningrad region.

Tae along: comfortable clothes, shoes with the rough soles, headdress, raincoat.

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