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Kronshtadt. 300 years in 3 hours

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Our walk will begin in a specially outfitted room where you will be introduced to the town of Kronstadt and the island of Kotlin and briefed on the itinerary of your journey which will consist of four parts.
First: The Big Roadstead of Kronstadt; the history of floods and the Flood Protection Barrier; the frigate forts of Kronshlot, Pavel, Alexander and Peter; the marker beacons and signs.
Second: The city’s first harbor; the navel of the world; a story of one fish; three trips around the globe; a surprise from an Admiral Cook.
Third: Russian-style capital punishment; the secrets of the victory of Poltava and the Tsushima disaster; the battle of Kronstadt and the Peterhof landing force; combat vessels of the Russian Fleet.
Fourth: The enigma of a missing oprichnik; the first hero of the Russian Fleet; an ode to Admiral Makarov; the dock facilities and the Russian savvy; the Naval Cathedral of St. Nicholas; the mysteries of the Yakornaya (Anchor) Square.
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