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Ivanovskaya hill: Yesterday and today 

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A walk around one of the seven hills in Moscow, the Invanovskaya Hill. You will immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of old Moscow with its real manors of the nobility, chambers of boyars, old churches and multiconfessional centers.
Tour duration: 2 hours
Price: RUB 300
Available in Russian
Discover the world of old Moscow. All of the buildings we visit during our tour were built before 1940
Get immersed into multinational and confessional diversity of the country. the Choral Synagogue, the Old Believer Church, the Protestant Church, etc. — you will see all these on our way.
The Ivanovskaya Hill is a scattering of ancient Moscow streets and lanes, such as Maroseyka, Spasoglinishchevsky, Petroverigsky and Starosadsky lanes, Zabelina street, Khokhlovsky, Podkopaevsky and Trekhsvyatitelsky lanes, Khitrovskaya square, Podkolokolny lane, and Solyanka street. Our walk will begin with getting immersed into the amazing history of this country at the Alley of Rulers. Then, our guide will tell you the story of the Moscow Choral Synagogue and the Lutheran St. Peter and Paul’s Cathedral. You will see the amazing ancient chambers of the Sumarokov-Tyurlyaevs and the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society. You will
visit the famous Morozov’s Mansion and the Morozov Gardens and will see the Ivanovsky Convent, the Church of Three Saints in Kulishki, the Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in Podkopai, and the Church of the Nativity of the Theotokos.
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