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 Forts of Kaliningrad

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Since its foundation, Königsberg has always been a fortification, and by the end of the 19th century it became a city, a first-class fortress. There is simply no other city like it in the world!
Königsberg itself has fallen into oblivion… But even after more than 70 years, you can feel the former power of the giant. The underground structures of the forts and bastions, which form the backbone of the old town, have not generally changed and look the same as they did 160 years ago. The earth ramparts, ravelins, gates, bastions, draw bridges, and moats — all these are examples of old fortifications which have survived in a city.
1 Our tour will start at the Dona Tower — it is here that the city’s resistance ended in 1945
2 Then we will see the Grolman Bastion, a fortification on the second rampart ring, and visit its catacombs.
3 At the King’s Gate, we will find out what happened to the fortifications of the city in the beginning of the 20th century.
4 We will visit the Fort XI Dönhoff, which is a fortification museum. Here, we will have an opportunity to eat.
5 Then, if you are still energized enough, we can optionally go either to the abandoned Fort VIII or the Fort V of military glory.
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