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Museums of St Petersburg and Moscow which you have not been

Museums of St Petersburg and Moscow which you have not been

Museums of St Petersburg and Moscow, which you have not been

Got tired of popular museums? Crowded, full of tourists, long lines. It could be so tiring! Here’s our top Moscow and St. Petersburg museums which are not like the others. Intrigued? Just check them out.

  • Russian Vodka Museum

Reopened in 2008 in Russia’s second largest city of St. Petersburg, the Russian Vodka Museum explores the creation, packaging, ritual, and culture of the country’s favorite drink.

Address: 4, Konnogvardeyskiy Bulvar

Photo: F. Dostoevsky Literal Memorial Museum (
  • F. Dostoyevsky Literary Memorial Museum

An ever-growing literary collection housed in the apartment where the Russian author penned his final novel. The apartment where Fyodor Dostoyevsky spent the final years of his life sits on a street corner in Saint Petersburg. The Russian author penned “The Double” and “The Brothers Karamazov” in the home before dying at 59 years old in 1881.

Address: 5/2, Kuznechnyy per.

Photo: Grand-maket Russia (
  • Grand Maket Rossiya (Grand Model of Russia)

A scale model of Russia so big visitors are offered binoculars to rent so they can see the whole thing. Few countries can be toured in a single day, least of all Russia. Fortunately for those who want to see the entire northern nation from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad in just a few hours, there’s the Grand Maket Rossiya, or Grand Model of Russia, in St. Petersburg.

Address: 16, Tsvetochnaya str.

  • Museum of Hygiene

Established under Soviet rule, the Museum of Hygiene (formerly the Museum of Good Health), is dedicated to educating the public about the dangers of germs, disease, and other side-effects of filth, as well as, strangely, one of Pavlov’s dogs.

Address: 25, Italianskaya Ulitsa

Photo: Museum of Electrical Transport (
  • Museum of Urban Electrical Transport

One place that offers more insight into different historical transport in St. Petersburg is the Museum of Urban Electrical Transport. A collection of historic trams and trolleybuses, this museum is housed in a former transport park and has over 50 exhibits.

Address: 77, Sredny Prospekt


  • Bunker-42

Dr. Strangelove-esque tours inside a bunker under Moscow's streets once reserved for Stalin himself. There’s an amazing tunnel system snaking beneath the streets of Moscow, leading to a secret cold war fortress once code named “Bunker-42.”

Address: 11, 5-y Kotelnicheskiy per.

  • Izmailovo Kremlin

Moscow's other, lesser known kremlin is a fairytale-like cultural complex modeled after Old Russia.  Located near the Serebryano-Vinogradny Pond, the Kremlin in the city’s Izmailovo District is an unexpected, fairytale-like cultural wonderland

Address: 24, 3-ya Parkovaya ul.

Photo: Museum of Soviet Arcade Games (
  • Museum of Soviet Arcade Games

A lot of arcades have their own special tokens for their games. But few have Soviet-era kopek coins complete with a hammer and sickle

Address: 119, pr-kt Mira

Photo: Museum of Cosmonautics (
  • Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics

Museum celebrating the achievements of the Soviet space program.  The museum (also known as Memorial Museum of Astronautics) celebrates the history of Russia’s 20th-century space travel achievements, with around 85,000 items on space technology, astronomy, and space travel

Address: 111, Prospect Mira 

Photo: Moscow Light Museum (
  • Moscow Lights Museum

This museum tells the story of Moscow illumination, and the journey begins from the small square neat the boyars’ chambers in Armyansky side-street, where the “Moscow Lights” museum is located.

Address: 3-5/1, Armenian Lane

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