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How to eat breakfast in St. Petersburg

How to eat breakfast in St. Petersburg

How to eat breakfast in St. Petersburg

The best morning begins with the perfect breakfast and good coffee. We make a list of visited places for morning meal where the quality of dishes exceeds all expectations and the dish is breathtaking.

Photo: Cake&Breakfast (
  • Cake&Breakfast

This café is popular place among the locals. Breakfasts here are available from 8 am till closing. In the morning and weekend the place is especially in demand, so experienced visitors are advised to come in quickly. The menu offers traditional dishes for breakfast like poached egg and syrniki, and unusual combinations, for example scrambles with red fish and tomatoes.

Address: Manezhny per., 1/4

  • I`m Thankful for Today

Café is not ending on dishes. During the day you can enjoy the street food and pasta. Bar with cocktails of own production will open at night. Many visitors are return in the café again because nice interior. They sit on the windowsill with the coffee and hearty breakfasts. You can order here cheesecakes with sour cream, pancakes with chocolate paste, omelet, etc.

Address: Gorokhovaya ul., 24

Photo: Co-Op Garage (
  • Co-op Garage

There is the nice place with own area — Co-Op Garage is a garage bar-pizzeria. The growing demand has lead the owners to introduce breakfasts that are just as original as their main menu. They bring an original twist to the breakfast favourites: bagels, granolas and eggs. A bit hard to figure out how to get there! It is in the courtyard and there is no sign on the street! Ask locals!

Address: Gorokhovaya ul., 47

Photo: Mechtateli (
  • Café The Dreamers (Mechtateli)

A simple café on the embankment of the Fontanka river. The breakfast choices here are limited to three options, all adding a foreign touch to typical Russian breakfast dishes. The owner herself often experiments with different roasts and brews.

Address: Fontanka river embankment, 11

Photo: Jerome Restaurant
  • Jérôme

The breakfast choices here are anything but simple: coconut granola, focaccia with burrata cheese and seasonal fruits. They start early at 9 am and can packed up for take-away, so early birds can grab breakfast and enjoy it at work or in a park.

Address: Bolshaya Morskaya ul., 25

You will be surprised, but in Russia you could find one of the best coffees in the world. Latte, cappuccino, americano, hario, flat white, lavender raffus, lungo... Here is the top coffee places where locals prefer to stop and grab cup of coffee they like.

Coffee3, Zaimemsja Kofe, Tchk, Saint Espresso, Character Kofe, Surf Coffee, Coffee 22, Double B, Mad espresso team, Kofe na kuchne («Кофе на кухне»), Rudy’s coffee to go, Welcome coffee, bolshe kofe! («Больше кофе!»),Espresso bike.

Photo: Double b (

Early-morning or late-night food craving, St Petersburg has you covered. Depending on where you find yourself in the city, there is a restaurant open non-stop, welcoming patrons at any hour. Don’t be surprised when you see a crowd in the middle of the night – St Petersburg sure does like to party. Pirogi, Khochu Kharcho, Taverna Grolle, Brichmula, Pryanosti & Radosti on Posadskaya, Marcellis on Nevsky, William Bass, Jean Jacques, Du Nord 1834, Arka Bar and Grill, Ollis Club, Café Brynza, Mama Roma.

Looking for somewhere to have a nice meal outdoors in St. Petersburg in summer 2019? Check out our list of new cafes and restaurants with verandas. Sevkable Port, New Holland, Chacha, Tsunami, The Sizzle, Solncesprava, Khachapuri from Aunt Mariko.

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